The Illogical Leap of Entrepreneurship with Chris Wade: A Podcast with CUE


June 11 2020
1 minutes

In March, at the beginning of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, Isomer Partner Chris spoke to CUE (Cambridge University Entrepreneurs). In this podcast, aimed at new founders, Chris shares his experience and advice for taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

As written by CUE:

The Illogical Leap of Entrepreneurship with Chris Wade

CUE is delighted to present another treasured member of our steering committee, Chris Wade. He is Co-Founder and Partner at venture capital firm, Isomer Capital, which funds European technology innovation. Chris is an incredibly experienced founder, entrepreneur, start-up mentor and venture capitalist.

This is a highly enlightening interview and provides deep insight on both the start-up and the venture capital side into the true nature of the entrepreneurial journey from someone at the top of their field.

In this interview you will learn about:

  • Why entrepreneurship is an “illogical leap”
  • Why you should not believe your own hype
  • The “what else” mindset
  • Why Europe is a thriving place for start ups
  • What makes a good mentor
  • What makes a good mentee
  • Why the “why” matters

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