EUVC: The deep dive on Isomer’s 100M€ Secondaries Fund with Joe Schorge and Omalade Adebisi


April 26 2024
1 minutes
Words: Joe Schorge and Omolade Adebisi

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The landscape of venture capital is evolving, and Isomer Capital is at the forefront with its new fund designed to meet the dynamic needs of the European venture capital market.

Joe Schorge and Omolade Adebisi from Isomer to talk through the market, the strategy and the future.

The headline numbers in place:

  • 100 M€ Fund dedicated to secondaries exclusively.
  • 65-75% of dedicated to acquiring Limited Partner (LP) interests in existing VC funds.
  • An additional 15-25% is earmarked for direct secondaries in companies, providing crucial liquidity to stakeholders.
  • The remaining funds, up to 15%, are reserved for discretionary investments, which may include buying stakes or carry from general partners.

This strategic distribution of funds is a response to the current market conditions where many European VCs have yet to realise significant returns from their investments. These circumstances often necessitate liquidity solutions for personal reasons—such as purchasing homes or funding private education—or professional requirements like meeting General Partner (GP) commitments for raising new funds.

  • Typical ticket sizes range from €1 million to €10 million injecting much-needed flexibility and liquidity across Europe’s venture capital ecosystem and broadening Isomer’s impact beyond the traditional fund-of-funds model to include any Europe-based fund or startup