The Funds behind Funds – What does Isomer look for?


January 16 2020
2 minutes

Late last year our Managing Partner Joe Schorge sat down with Brightly Ventures’ Katja Bergman under the bright lights at Slush, one of the largest technology and venture capital conferences in Europe. Amongst a wide range of topics, they drilled down on the Isomer teams’ experience investing in Europe’s most promising VC firms, and what we look for as a fund when investing.

Right across Europe there are amazing companies being built. This presents a challenge for investors – how to find, invest and collaborate with tomorrow’s leaders in their formative stages?

Katja and Joe discussed why some of the smaller, more specialised funds are often the most successful. A summary of the key discussion points can be found below:

  • Since 2008, everything has changed. Company building has become cheap and fast, with accessibility to digital products accelerating the process. As a result, entrepreneurship is no longer concentrated in traditional areas of economic activity, unlocking a wave of innovation across the world.
  • Great companies can now be created anywhere. But, this has created a challenge for investors. How do they find these companies and invest in them early?
  • At Isomer, our strategy has always been to partner with outstanding early stage VCs, these are the first funds that entrepreneur will approach when looking to expand their concept or product.
  • And whilst prices are getting higher, European startups are still reasonably priced when compared to US counterparts. The distribution and wealth of talent right across the European continent is an incredible opportunity for investors, both venture and traditional.