Alt Goes Mainstream – Why now is Europe’s time?


October 11 2023
1 minutes
Words: Alt Goes Mainstream Podcast: Why now is Europe's time, according to Joe Schorge, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Isomer Capital, one of Europe's most active VC fund-of-funds

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In this podcast, Joe discusses the evolution of European tech and it’s future, discussing:

  • Why Europe is a great place to invest right now.
  •  Perspectives on how to build a tech ecosystem, given Joe’s deep experience and history in Europe.
  •  How they uncovered two local funds which invested in one of Europe’s biggest tech successes, UiPath.
  • Why availability of capital is not the issue for the European ecosystem.
  • The biggest opportunities in the ecosystem.
  • Why local funds will still win in their respective regions at pre-seed and seed.
  • Why there are different skillsets that both investors and founders need to have to succeed in Europe.
  • What the current market environment means for European venture.
  • Why more institutional investors should be allocating to European venture.