EUVC Podcast: LP Deep Dive on The Nordics


October 10 2023
1 minutes
Words: EUVC Podcast: #213 LP Deep Dive on The Nordics with Joe Schorge & Chloe Dagnell from Isomer Capital & Benjamin Rej Notlev of TechBBQ

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In this weeks episode we dive deep on the process and learnings from Isomer Capital’s hot-off-the-press deep dive on the Nordics. Joining us from Isomer Capital, we have with us founding partner Joe Schorge and Principal Chloe Dagnell and Benjamin Rej Notlev, CCO and CIO at TechBBQ, the leading tech conference in the Nordics🔥.

We’d also like to all celebrate Chloe’s promotion to Principal at Isomer Capital.  She’s an incredibly hard-working champion of European venture. We’re proud (and happy!) to call her a colleague!

  • Announcing EUVC’s First Country Ambassador: Benjamin Rej Notlev 🥳
  • The LP motivation for diving deep on the Nordics
  • Crafting a Strategic Approach for First-Time Fund Investors
  • Isomer’s Nordic deep dive: from 90-odd funds to 12 and then to three or four
  • Core Findings about the Nordic Venture Market
    • Learning #1: Micro funds abound in the Nordics, so do the 100’m+ funds, but very few 30 – 100 million euro funds exist
    • Learning #2: Finland stands out (again)
    • Learning #3: The Sustainability Funds are very strong
    • Learning #4: The Nordics is no longer made up by national champions