At The Cap Table: Deepali Nangia, Speedinvest


July 6 2023
1 minutes
Words: At The Cap Table: Deepali Nangia, Speedinvest

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In this episode you’ll learn:

– About how Deepali’s thesis on investing in female founders came from her own experiences of being underestimated in the workplace

– How cleaning up the cap table is a myth: angels can continue to add value beyond capital and are a vital support for founders in a way that VCs cannot be, particularly in the early stages

– Demystifying investment for operators could create a better angel ecosystem and is just as important as access to deal flow

– Deepali’s move from independent Angel to Partner at Speedinvest was not planned – she got to know the team and looked at deals together before they developed a Venture Partner role for her, and she gradually became more and more involved with the firm before joining full time