Isomer December Gift Guide 2023


December 1 2023
4 minutes
Words: Isomer Capital Gift Guide

Isomer Capital 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

If you’re dreading shopping for the big day, fear not, there is something for everyone in Isomer’s annual gift guide! This year, we’ve gathered as a team to select our favourite consumer companies in Isomer’s underlying portfolio. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, or foodie or need to buy something for a fluffy friend, we have you covered. 

Let us know your favourites in the comments and if there is anyone we’ve missed, send us a recommendation. 

Beat81 – HiiT, Strength & Spin Studios

Looking to get fit in 2024? Beat81 are Berlin’s most popular strength training and spin classes – with studios all over the city!  Expanding across Germany, the immersive experiences use data to track your performance over time, so you’ll see those gains in no time! Why not join one of their winter challenges – you might bump into Chloe at a class on her regular travels to Berlin! 

If you’re living in Germany, you can get your first three classes for free! 

Butternut Box – Premium dog food delivery

For those of you who want to treat your fluffy friends this Christmas, how about a Butternut box subscription? A premium dog food delivery service, bringing health and happiness to your dog’s bowl with no fillers or artificial preservatives. Isomer’s favourite fluffy team member Monty never goes hungry as Joe is a regular customer! If you like it and refer a friend, you could get 60% off your next box. 

Dishpatch – Restaurant meals at home

Get restaurant-quality food directly to your door, with a meal delivery service from your favourite chefs! With collaborations from names such as Rick Stein and Michel Roux, there is something to please everyone around the table this Christmas. Even Chris can’t go wrong! 

Exoticca – the online tour operator

Planning to get away over Christmas? Nicola plans her escapes with Exoticca – the affordable luxury online tour operator. Unwrap the wonders of the world with an excursion across Peru and Ecuador or a classic tour of South Africa, the perfect way to get some rest and reset for the new year! 

Cowboy – Electric Bikes for the Urban Rider

Cowboy is the obvious choice for the design-conscious who wants to get around town in record-breaking time. With a connected app and auto-thief detection, you’ll be able to stay out for one more drink at the office Christmas party. Catch Harry whizzing home from the office on Cowboys standard model, racing Joe’s wife on her limited edition purple frame – in collaboration with ba&sh! 

Runna – Provider of personalised running training programs.

For those who are looking to get fitter for their New Year’s resolution, why not join Laura on Runna? With her upcoming half marathon, Laura’s been using Runna to help reach her goal time! Whether you want to complete your first 5k or run an ultra marathon, Runna’s app is fully customisable to your needs, with a schedule, pace and frequency that suits you. Get two weeks free when you download their app in the App Store or Google Play

Urban – On-demand mobile marketplace for beauty and massage services on demand. 

We all need a way to wind down, and Sav’s favourite is Urban’s at-home service. From deep tissue to reiki, nail appointments and physio, it is a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs at the touch of a button. Use the discount code Welcome10 for 10% off your first booking. 

Yonder Card – Rewards-based credit card

The credit card for Londoners, earn points on all purchases and spend them on the best experiences and restaurants across London. Omolade is looking forward to the 3-day getaway she booked with her points.

Refurbed – Marketplace for refurbished products.

Stay sustainable this Christmas season with Refurbed. Buy and sell renewed phones, laptops and tablets which are up to 40% cheaper and 100% more environmentally friendly. Thomas bought the family an iPad this year and each device comes with a 12-month guarantee. 

Moonsift – Browser extension platform for online shopping

Trying to do all your Christmas shopping online this year, but losing track of what you’ve seen, with endless hours spent scrolling through webpages, so many tabs open you lose track of what’s what, separate wishlists with every retailer and unhelpful ads that follow you around trying to sell you things you’ve already bought?! Then it’s time to install Moonsift like Marloes has, allowing you to universally save items and curate shopping lists across different websites. There’s never been a better way to get your Christmas shopping completed! 

OpenRent – Online property rental platform

Freddie’s finally found a place to live using OpenRent’s platform!

OpenRent became the UK’s biggest letting agent in 2015 and is on a mission to make renting fairer, safer and cheaper for everyone. For landlords, it offers an easy way to market and contract the leasing of their property, whilst for individuals like Freddie, it makes for a much smoother renting experience! 

Hologram – All-in-one platform for digital identities and virtual beings

For the online quiz masters or the big gamers this Christmas, immerse yourself as your favourite virtual character, flex your digital wearables, and create unforgettable moments on any social, content, or gaming platform with a few clicks using Hologram’s all-in-one platform for creating your digital self. Become your hologram on Google Meet, Discord, Slack, Gather, or any video-chatting app on the browser!