The Isomer Gift Guide 2022


December 14 2022
4 minutes

It’s time for Isomer’s annual portfolio gift guide for 2022! Below is a selection of some exciting products in our underlying B2C portfolio, selected by our team as their must-buys for the 2022 festive period. Pets, kids, the tech savvy, the foodies, sustainable offerings, health and wellness – there is something for everyone! 


For Cool Kids and Pets…


Lingumi is a platform to help young children enjoy learning English as a second language. With characters, songs and a focus on fun, Lingumi helps those as young as two start to master English


A gift for your kids, help them fall asleep using this meditation app. Aumio builds strong mental health for children from a young age.


We’ve returned with the Yoto player. Yoto have released a mini version to keep your kids entertained on those long journeys. Yoto is a screen free audio app for kids to get them engaged in a world of imagination through storytelling. Simply select a card and insert into the player- whether it’s Disney’s Cinderella, Lupita Nyongo’s ‘Sulwe’, a tale from the Marvel Universe or some lullabies, it will keep children entertained for hours.

The Yoto player is suitable for children from ages 0 to 11.

Butternut Box

Pets deserve the best, and that includes treats and toys. Why not treat your dog to meals tailored to their needs via Butternut Box’s subscription? Forget last minute runs to the pet store, Butternut box arrives at home in portions suitable for your dog.

Where food meets innovation…

La Vie

Vegan alternative to Bacon? Why not try something different for those pigs in blankets, find it in your local Waitrose or Wholefoods.

Urban Legend

Fancy a Christmas treat in the office without all the calories? Tuck into Urban Legend donuts. 180 calories a donut, why not have a couple…


For the fitness and wellbeing enthusiast…


If you are based in Germany, check out Beat81’s fitness class subscriptions, make workouts more fun- book on demand, enjoy meeting like minded fitness enthusiasts and get your personal fitness statistics after class via the Beat81 app


Designed by ultra marathon runners, Hylo’s trainers use material science to create premium trainers with minimal production impact on the environment. If vintage trainers are more your thing then checkout Flexdog.

Those focused on sustainability…


Save the planet as you spend with Treecard. Treecard, a mastercard debit card, plants a tree for every £50 you spend.


Why own tech, when you can be part of the circular economy and rent it? Get the latest phones, VR headsets, laptops and robo-vacuum cleaners for 12 months or more through Grover.


A second hand marketplace for pre-loved clothes and women’s accessories

Better by Less

End the use of single use plastics with your bathroom products. Better by less is your subscription to the future of bathroom products.

For the tech obsessed…


Make getting around easy, stylish and sustainable with the Cowboy bike. A sleek electrical bike which comes in both a comfort and racer style makes for a great present. Added to that is the Cowboy insurance product that protects your bike from theft and lets you know when the bike needs a service. The bike comes with a companion app that helps you track the location of your bike, mapping services and a way to connect to your phone’s fitness tracker, so all your time riding, counts towards your daily exercise goals


In an effort to be more sustainable we can reduce, reuse and recycle electronic goods through platforms like Refurbed. Get the latest tech for cheaper through the platform and best of all, the devices will also come with a 12 month warranty, perfect for those who are a little clumsy…

For avid readers

T2 World

An early bird community exclusive. Sign up to hear more about t2, a decentralised world for publishing and reading, where the act of spending time on reading long form, on-chain articles mints TXT tokens which get distributed to the content creators, the community and also the reader. Launching soon!

For some rest and relaxation

Bob W

Exceptionally cool apartments in some of Europe’s most picturesque cities. Bob W combines prime locations, interiors created by the coolest local designers and artists and climate-neutral stays powered by 100% renewable energy.

Get everything you need to live, work and play. Fully equipped kitchens, contactless access, fast WiFi, 24/7 support, regular professional cleaning, local gym passes and more.


We hope you enjoyed looking through some of our top B2C gift guide picks from our portfolio – let us know if you end up buying any!