In July, Joe Schorge spoke to Andreas Holm at The European VC. In this two part podcast, Joe discusses a broad range of topics including Isomer’s investment thesis, and what it means to be a great VC. 

As written by The European VC:

Joe Schorge is the founding and managing partner of Isomer Capital, one of Europe’s absolute strongest Fund of Funds. Joe started his career in technology management positions that got him up close with M&A which led Joe to a whole string of accomplishments in PE and VC doing direct as well as fund investments. To top it off, Joe has also made Angel investments. In this first part of a two-part episode we’re truly talking to one of the greats as we dive deep on the origin story of Isomer Capital, Joe’s investment thesis and what it takes to be a great VC.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– What made Europe so unique that Joe, as an American, had to start his fund here.

– What profiles make up the VC dream team – the VC hackers, hipsters and hustlers.

– Why innovation requires an open minded attitude while searching for past patterns.

– How Isomer Capital creates value for their portfolio of VC funds


In this episode you’ll learn:

– What it takes to start a VC firm and get interest and money from the best LPs.

– Why GPs attempting to disrupt VC rarely catches Joe’s interest.

– Why being the first and the only is a bad strategy to be fundraising on in VC

– How and why Joe and the Isomer team worked close with the founders of First Entrepreneur.

– Why LPs should consider investing in a Fund of Funds instead of directly into VC funds.