Our Strategy

Europe’s robust technology and entrepreneurial heritage is generating more high-growth technology start-ups than ever before. In today’s hyper-networked world, great companies can start anywhere, which is both exciting and challenging for investors. Isomer conducts its own in-depth private market research, monitoring hundreds of European venture capital funds and thousands of companies to offer a returns-first, real-time connection to Europe’s innovation ecosystem. We partner with great early-stage VCs all over Europe to access the best opportunities wherever they arise.

Isomer is built and run by technology investors, operators and entrepreneurs. We are not the venture division of an asset manager, bank, or another institution. We are free from conflicts of interest and other business distractions. Our investors and partners benefit from our independence, clarity of vision, purpose, and single-minded pursuit of excellence.

Researching, supporting, and investing in European technology innovation is our singular focus. From cornerstone formation to deal flow, advisory assistance, business development and capital solutions under challenging scenarios, we work hard to deliver the best outcomes for all our financial and strategic partners.

We are adept at identifying opportunities and acting quickly to find strategic solutions thanks to our technology and operational backgrounds. We support our partners through a wide range of activities from financings to advice, business development, research, scouting, problem-solving, and continually broadening our mutual networks and knowledge.

Isomer is part of Europe’s tech ecosystem. Having contributed to the development of many venture capital funds, we maintain strong connections with individuals and firms across the region. We work to develop the ecosystem of tech, tools, and talent, striving to empower all our partners’ prosperity.